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Image of Author Margie Traxler; Author, Founder/CEO of Grain Free Mama's

Margie Traxler; Author, Founder/CEO of Grain Free Mama's

Margie Traxler, the Founder/CEO of Grain Free Mama’s, is a natural food scientist, committed health advocate, and the driving force behind two transformative books: 'Food Breakthrough: Adjust Your Diet, Transform Your Life' and the newly released 'Food Breakthrough Cookbook.' With a deep-rooted passion for nourishing the body and soul through wholesome food, Margie has become an indispensable guide for those seeking a healthier, more vibrant way of life. She presents a revolutionary approach to eating in both of her works. In 'Food Breakthrough,' Margie fuses scientific rigor with culinary creativity to demystify the intricacies of diet. She empowers her readers to make enlightened choices for peak well-being. This quest for dietary transformation doesn't end there. With the 'Food Breakthrough Cookbook,' Margie takes readers on an enticing journey into EGIF (edible grass ingredient free) cooking. That means no gluten, no grains and no sugar cane. From debunking popular myths to offering hands-on recipes and practical advice, she reveals the manifold benefits of adopting a grain-free lifestyle. Margie Traxler is a sought-after speaker and educator in the domains of nutrition and wellness. Through a diverse array of media including articles, workshops, seminars, and public speaking engagements, she continues to galvanize and inform audiences worldwide. Her unwavering commitment to enrich lives and fosters a global community focused on natural health.