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Martyn Kinsella-Jones

A keen deep sea fisherman and motorcyclist, Martyn first trained as an Electrical Engineer, then fulfilled various roles within the computing industry such as 2nd / 3rd line support and Technical Writing. Since 1978 has written and had published a wide variety of work; from Technical notes for Technicians and user instructions to Internet related PR copy in trade magazines to supernatural short stories and the occasional satirical article. Studied Acting in the late 1980′s, and has performed stand up comedy and acted in amateur productions since then, but has always ‘kept the day job’. Passed LAMDA VIII in July 1990. Has hunted shark, ridden motorcycles all over the UK and Europe, been the owner / manager of a small company, emigrated to Canada, written reams of comic doggerel, but always thought of himself as a writer. Currently working on the last volume of the Stars Trilogy, and the second volume in the Paul Calvin 'Cerberus' series of science fiction detective novels.