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Mary Hanson

Mary K. "Mare" Hanson has degrees in journalism and law, and is a Certified California Naturalist, cancer survivor, and author of the "Chubby Woman's Walkabout" blog. She has written and compiled several books for Tuleyome, a nonprofit conservation organization based in Woodland, CA, including "A Species Guide to the Berryessa Snow Mountain Region" and "Tuleyome's Wild Nature Book for Kids" (also available here on Her photographs and nature-based articles have been featured in regional newspapers, calendars, and the American River Parkway Foundation Instagram feed. Her photo of a mother and daughter mule deer team was featured on the White House blog for Earth Day 2015. Mary's "Cool Stuff on the American" series of books, which launched in late 2015, is the culmination of years of research and photo-taking. All of the photos in the books were those taken by Mary herself with moderate- to low-end photographic equipment more easily available to the everyday nature lover.