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Michael Scott

I've published 2 books; let me tell you a little bit about this one. It is biographical. I grew up in Christopher Columbus Homes, a low-income housing project -16 buildings -12 stories tall. Thousands of people, very small area. I believe that was a factor in it's rapid deterioration as well as other socio-economic contributors. While they stood and since their implosion, there has been only negative press: tales of crime, vandalism, drug-addiction, prostitution, gang activity, etc. This was the dominant perception of people from other areas AND the dominant perception of so many who lived there. To be sure, it did become a negative place. The reputation was real, but there was more, much more. There were good people, many good people. I was a part of a great group of young boys who made a significant and positive contribution to the Columbus Homes story. We were decent young people and I am proud and honored to tell our story.