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Michael Guy

Michael Guy is an American Composer, living in Florida. Born in 1954 in New York, he worked in New York City during the 80's including a short time in music publishing with WarnerBrothers. He has jazz/new age CDs on the independent market at CDbaby and Amazon. He came to music at the late age of 18. Soon in college, he was avidly studying theory and piano, enough so that when he transferred to 4-year college he was able to enroll in the undergraduate music degree. By 1984, he was playing his original jazz/new age music and in the summer of '84 attended an artist’s community in Massachusetts; he was diagnosed with “Alports Disease” as the genetic source of his kidney failure, which causes increasing genetic hearing loss.He is eagerly seeking support & backing to publish his finished SYMPHONY ONE and to attain an eventual performance. PLEASE contact him at: His personal website: Facebook: