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Eric Brady

Eric Brady was born in SE London but was Evacuated in Sept. 1939 on the outbreak of WW2 when he was 5 yrs., first to Folkestone, Kent then to Tredegar, Sth. Wales. His older sister (Kitty 10 yrs) was evacuated too but they were never together. Taken back to London in 1942 on 20th January 1943 their school was bombed at midday. Kitty was killed, Eric severely injured. He was returned to London from hospital June 1944 at the time of the V-1 raids on London. His autobiography 'Adolf Hitler, his bombers - and me' is about those times. He became a Probation Officer/Senior Probation Officer for 30+ yrs., retiring in 1994. His autobiog. 'My Life of Crime and Courts' is about those experiences, amusing, dramatic, some violence. His first book, 'Coping with violent behaviour' was published in 1993. His other books since then are varied and mostly their background is of things and places he has experienced for himself. Except for the 'Space Rebel' Science Fiction series for Young Adults