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Iris Detenhoff

Iris Detenhoff was born in Germany and migrated to Australia in 1987 when she was in her early twenties. Growing up in the Bavarian countryside during the seventies instilled a sense of appreciation for nature, and familiarity with the lunar cycles, which remains a tradition in the Bavarian, Austrian and Swiss Alps. Later, studying nursing in Munich added a grounded understanding of how the human body works. And becoming a parent in Australia amplified the desire for a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. Life’s requirements, ideas, personal interests and studies in natural health, Astrology, sustainable building and Anthroposophy led Iris to create and publish the first Australian Moontime Diary in 2007. Since 2020 an edition of the Northern Hemisphere is available too. Iris lives in the beautiful hinterland of Byron Bay, compiling, writing and distributing the Moontime Diary.