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Image of Author Mostly Harmless Statistics Textbook

Mostly Harmless Statistics Textbook

Rachel L. Webb is a Senior Instructor II in the Mathematics and Statistics Department at Portland State University. In addition to teaching statistics, Rachel is the statistics dual credit coordinator for the PSU Challenge Program, Math Computer Lab Manager, winner of the 2018 PSU John Elliott Allen Outstanding Teaching Award, and winner of the 2018 OLC Digital Learning Innovation Award. Rachel received her B.S. in Mathematics and M.S. in Statistics from PSU. Rachel has been using an active classroom environment for the past 10 years, incorporating group work, technology, simulations and activities into the curriculum. Rachel’s strives to provide low or no cost materials to students and has written an open source textbook to accompany her introductory statistics courses. Rachel uses active learning along with adaptive homework to engage students. Her goal is to catch at risk students early and help them succeed. Rachel’s focus is a welcoming classroom environment that helps students see the relevancy of mathematics and statistics in their life. Outside of teaching, Rachel enjoys endurance horseracing, mounted archery, traveling, and reading.