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MIchael DeBenedictis

Michael DeBenedictis lives in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, and has self-published four volumes of original poetry, two volumes of short stories, and five volumes of poetry and short stories. The poetry is philosophical, transcendental, thought provoking, lyrical, observational, fun, and light hearted. The short stories are philosophical, allegorical, mysteries, thrillers, symbolic, and charming human tales. He has been published in Fixional, Inc. - an online literary magazine - in July 2017 and in Across The Way: Shoreline (ISBN #978-1-60880-391-0) December 2014. In June 2018 he co-presented (as both a 2x published and 9x self-published author of poetry and short stories) at the National Writing Project conference at Kent State University, on the topic of finding one's voice. His writing influences are Kenneth Patchen, Walt Whitman, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Bob Dylan, Billy Corgan, Antoine De Saint-Exupery, and John Steinbeck.