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Nadine Joseph

Nadine Joseph is an educator, mentor, and author of "Imani’s Crown". A proud graduate of Bethune-Cookman University, she holds a B.S. in Exceptional Student Education with ESOL(English Speakers of Other Languages) and Reading Endorsements. She also holds her M.Ed in Instructional Leadership from Saint Leo University. Nadine was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. Her parents migrated from Haiti to afford her and her siblings an opportunity at a better life. She does not take lightly the obligations of being a child of immigrant parents. At a young age, Nadine knew she wanted to be great and positively impact the world. As she evolved, she realized that she exists to greatly influence children that look like her. Her experiences in the classroom continue to shape her passion and purpose. Nadine knows firsthand how society can impair one’s self-confidence and self-image, especially when you are young. She wrote Imani’s Crown to encourage young girls to love and believe in themselves. Nadine hopes that girls will embrace the kinks of their crown, the depths of their minds, and the beauty they possess. She hopes to illuminate a hidden treasure within every girl that reads Imani’s Crown.