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Inspiration, insights, overcoming, and adventures, all in the midst of good buddies, teamwork, and many a dose of the daily HARD stuff, while--always keeping that ol' door open to NOT leave-out that easy-going fun, that comes from real love and friendships... Neebeeshaabookway's Jake Smith ranch-family characters, demonstrate: solid relationships of those that 'daily work' towards the goal of overcoming the storms-of-life, due to head injury in their midst, complicated by seizures, and communicating in a whole new way... sign-language... Have you ever tried to understand what it MEANS to re-learn who you are, and yet still BE the victor, as--you come to realize that you are STILL the same in spite of the hardship-injuries, stacked precariously against you? Dare to learn... through fiction, ones learns to go out and learn of real situations in life, of the hidden heroes, that all too often, get pushed aside, in life... folks that the world is too busy to even want in their lives.