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Nona-Michael Ankhesenamun Jackson

Nona-Michael Ankhesenamun Jackson aka Nona Jackson-Richie is a Medical Writer, Herbal Medicine Researcher and Song Lyricist. She attends CPD Medical School Lectures. She is also a US Pro-se Attorney for the Michael Jackson Estate and United States Washington DC Court. BP117321/BP126591 Los Angeles Superior Court. Nona is the proud owner of the SONY/ATV Catalog. Nona Jackson-Richie is a Member of the UCLH Hospital Trust Fund. Hopefully, these books will be translated into many languages. Nona-Michael's Medical books are mainly for Herbal Medicine Manufacturers and Pharmaceuticals. Nona-Michael's song lyric books are mainly for Publishing Companies, Film & Picture & Musical Companies. (My clinical findings are backed up (Evidence Based) from self-treatments over the years and in Medical Records.) WWW.BMI.COM (Nona Michael Ankhesenamun Jackson) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED COPYRIGHT 2019 Copyright 2020