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Laird Unlimited Editorial Services LLP is a registered partnership company in the State of New Jersey Mercer County, taking over this custom editing/printing/marketing shop AllThings.GO(tm) established since 2005 and is under new management, starting May 2016. Mail Address: 11 Balamor Ln, West Trenton NJ 08628. Tel: (609)-807-8321 For Speedy Order of any title We hold, send order# & your fund to Susan Ye Account number 822000141591 Wire transfer number 026073008 Bank code (SWIFT / BIC) CMFGUS33 Routing number (ACH or ABA) 026073150 We promote authors, translators, poets that are unknown or lesser known but possessed a certain emerging quality of a rarer worldly kind apart from already established English and North American sensitivities for the past two hundred years...