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Rodney Marshall

Rodney Marshall is the son of the late television and film script-writer Roger Marshall. He has produced nine books about the iconic 1960s television drama The Avengers including Subversive Champagne. He is the editor of the acclaimed critical guides to classic British television series, covering a number of iconic episodes from the 1960s: The Hour That Never Was (The Avengers); Day of Execution (Man in a Suitcase); The Saint Plays With Fire; The Journey Ends Halfway (Danger Man); The Firebug (Gideon's Way). He has also written full-length studies of Ian Rankin’s Inspector Rebus novels (Blurred Boundaries), Blake's 7, Travelling Man, Man in a Suitcase (co-writer). He has edited three books about Northampton Town Football Club. Most of his books are available from Lulu. He lives in Suffolk.