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Carol Phillips

Carol Phillips, the author of several books, got her start at writing at a very young age. In her own words: "As a little girl, one of my homework assignments for school was to make up a poem out of a few words. My mother helped me with it and all I remember is one of the words of the poem was "happiness." Thinking back, I really don't remember much about that poem. But, I feel that it put me on the road to word expressions and that is where my journey really began. Yes, for me, writing has a lot of power. If a phrase of a poem that I had written brings up in the mind of the reader, a thought, a place in time, a fond memory or causes one to dream, then I feel, it has accomplished its purpose. I enjoy reading the Bible and two of my books are novels based on the Bible. The Bible seems to breathe life into its words and I am fascinated by it as well as the marvels of creation." The mother of three, Carol, makes her home in Galveston, TX.