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George Moody is the architect and engineering director of PhysioNet, and the author of WAVE, the WFDB library, and many of the WFDB applications. PhysioNet (, established in 1999 as the NIH-sponsored Research Resource for Complex Physiologic Signals, was the first, and remains the world’s largest, most comprehensive and most widely used repository of time-varying physiologic signals. Its software collection, PhysioToolkit, supports exploration and quantitative analyses of PhysioBank and similar data with a wide range of well-documented, rigorously tested open-source software that can be run on any platform. By providing free access to its unique and wide-ranging data and software collections, PhysioNet enables studies that lead to an average of 80 scholarly publications per month (well over 5000 studies since 1999) by academic, clinical, and industry-affiliated researchers worldwide.