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Corin Nemec

I began my journey as an actor when I was 12 years old in Los Angeles, California. Having both my parents already in the arts and entertainment industry, I found this to be a natural progression for my life. I have studied in many acting workshops and theater groups over the years but mastered at the AMERICAN REPERTORY COMPANY under the tutelage of Artistic Director Manu Tupou. His development and taught his own method known as the 'New Era Acting Technique' which focused on a more creationist theory for actors to use for character development. But his method is much deeper than that, which you will discover in my introductory book based on Manu's theoretical premise that our characters, even our won personalities, are completely created and fictitious. Having spent 40 years as a professional actor, writer, producer, and director in the Film and Television I can assure you that his philosophy is not only groundbreaking but life changing.