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Meghan Waals

Raw Vibes is founded and owned by Meghan Leah Waals. She has been raw feeding, writing scientific articles and has several published books on raw feeding cats, dogs and ferrets including the first of its a kind....a raw recipe book. She lives with her husband in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina with her husband. She Bengal Breed Preservationist and raises on raw as well as educates animal lovers on species appropriate nutrition and has been doing so for over a decade since 2010. Meghan holds a degree in Psychobiology, Pre-Veterinary with a minor in Evolutionary Studies. She has taken extra courses in Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, Microbiology and holds certifications in Pet Psychology, Pet Nutrition and is a Raw Food Nutrition Specialist. Raw feeding has been one of many passions Meghan has taken to the next level, not only innovating the raw feeding experience and collaborating on what other raw food companies provide, but truly has integrated appropriate raw feeding into her companion's lives successfully.