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Tony F Paulazzo

I was born in Farnham in May 1962, (quite possibly the craziest decade for youthful revolt and experimentation). I grew up, always wondering what was beyond the horizon, the next street over, and many are the times I apparently wandered off on my own to the complete meltdown of my mother. So I guess my love of science fiction and fantasy started at an early age, and I devoured it feverishly, starting off with comics (I bought 2000ad on the day of issue), then moving onto books, Heinlein, Asimov, Bradbury (my book's title is a chapter heading from one of his books, my all-time favourite, The Martian Chronicles). Philip K Dick also deserves a mention as a most favored author, his mix of scifi, psychology, pharmacology and the nature of reality began to mirror my own beliefs (Time out of Joint one of my personal faves), and I began to scribble down my own thoughts & dreams, which slowly developed into stories, ideas, characters.