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Robert Giorgione

Robert Giorgione (a.k.a The Roving Sommelier) is an independent food and drink specialist, wine consultant and award-winning sommelier. He is also a former blogger and wine video producer, having created more than 200 roving sommelier video blogs on You Tube between 2010 and 2013. Robert Giorgione has been a top-flight sommelier and restaurant wine buyer in London since 1997, having worked in some of the UK's finest establishments. In 2006, while working as a sommelier, he started writing for various lifestyle magazines, including the Marylebone Journal and Borough Market magazines, and blogging on food, wine and travel. Opened in 2016, he is also the Owner/Founder of Roving Sommelier Wines - a small, independent wine merchant and online shop based in South Wales, that sells affordable premium quality wines, craft beers and artisan chocolates. Follow his tweets and updates on X (formerly Twitter) @rovingsommelier and check out his website at