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Segun Magbagbeola

Segun Magbagbeola (born 1984) in Lagos, Nigeria is a writer of Black Egyptians and Kamun. He was born to Nigerian parents and spent the early years of his childhood there before moving to London, UK with his immediate family and has lived there since. He is a graduate of Brunel University with a BSc degree in Information Systems. He became a Nuwaupian at 21 and was inducted as a member of the Ancient Egiptian Order, crowned with the name Har-Aha TepyPet 'Fighting Hawk Chief of the Sky'. As a Nuwaupian he became fascinated with Black History, Egyptology, religious studies, ancient civilizations and Extra-terrestrial life. His first book 'Black Egyptians' was written to prove once and for all that Black Africans started and led the Ancient Egyptian civilization and give Africans/Caribbeans a common culture to unite. He also works as an IT Support Analyst and enjoys martial arts including Wing Chun Kung Fu and Muay Thai. He has also been involved in acting and modelling.