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Stephen Hare

Hello! I'm your average IT person who has a strong love of reading fantasy and science fiction. I'm also very interested in the hard sciences. I had a story in my head, and decided to write it out. I have more coming as the story is just beginning with my first book, Entangled. On a personal level I live in the North East US with my wife and our two dogs. We love to be out doors and enjoy hiking, swimming, skiing, boating, and anything involved with the mountains we love so dearly. Some of my favorite authors are Asimov, David Eddings, Tolkien, Clancy, Terry Goodkind, and Orson Scott Card. I've lived a fulfilling and diverse life, I've played lots of sports in my early years right up to and through college where I played football (for one year) and rugby, I've been a pitcher in a mens baseball league for decades now (my sore left shoulder is proof), and I enjoy everything from fixing up old houses (one so far, but willing to do more) to doing some amateur "prepper" stuff.