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Shellie Curran

Shellie Curran was born and raised in Australia. She is a Wife, Mother and a Creator. Shellie has always loved books and wanted to write a children's book for as long as she could remember. Shellie reads to her children often and they absolutely love it. Shellie feels that reading is a very unappreciated activity, yet so important on so many levels. With the passing of her Father late last year, she had one of those ‘life is just so short and precious’ moments, it prompted her to get on with it and make it happen. She put her feelers out there and the universe responded with a dear friend, putting her in contact with her friend and thus the book, her book, has finally been turned into her reality. "My intention is to make people especially children, laugh, smile, make and share some wonderful memories whilst secretly teaching them a thing or two!" - Shellie Curran.