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Sherry Knight

I am a divorced Christian woman who lives in Canandaigua, NY with a cat, 2 birds and my son and his bride lives close by and attend a school of ministry together. I am in college to help further my writing techniques. I am disabled and am working on a series of books about my life and how I was a rebel but God never gave up on me. I have 2 degrees from the college I attend now and I have MS. I have had a gastric bypass and have healed from many diseases by the heads of the Lord and I still have a long way a head of me and I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. I have learned in life that you can only count on the Lord. My mother died at age 58 from diabetes and from complication from the disease, myocardial infarction her smoking did not help. I had to move to the desert to heal my lungs from smoking and be separated from my son who chose to live with his dad. It was the worse time in my life and the man I married we were just unevenly yoked, the book reflects