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Simone Bull

Simone Louise is not only an author, she is also an Equine therapist and a lover of the Pura Raza Espanola horse breed. Her love affair with the Spanish horse began on a holiday in Tarifa, Spain, many many years ago, where she ended up buying the horse she rode and bringing him back to the UK. After that, she never looked back. Nowadays you'll find her galloping on fairytale horses along the beaches of Portugal, with her long hair whipping around her face, and a joyous sparkle in her eyes. Cantinero taught her how to love life. He was a wise teacher, full of Spanish passion. It is this wonderful, noble horse's words that grace the pages of Simone's book so in effect, it is really Cantinero who authors Spanish Gold, and Simone is his voice. Through this book, Simone thanks Cantinero from the bottom of her heart for the gift of his wisdom, love, and company.