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From poetry collections to Pebbles' Wisdom (2022) and A Very Berry Fairy Adventure (2013), Sparrow creates an interactive, multi-faceted reader experience. When beta readers asked Sparrow to keep the poetry manuscripts (hard copies) a little longer as they wanted to re-read them a few more times, the achievement of the exceptional readers' experience became evident. A Very Berry Fairy Adventure is a heartwarming fairy tale that may teach over 20 life lessons. Personification of animals and mythical creatures had developed a fantastic world to observe and learn. Pebbles' Wisdom is a collection of quotes/sayings for self-help/growth purposes. From positivity to thought-provoking quotes, one can observe the world from many different perspectives and reflect. Sparrow transports you on a journey through the zigzags of currents of life and brings healthy positivity into the reading experience. Many authors take the pen-name of Sparrow and Sparrow Publishing; they produce books unrelated to and this Sparrow author. The following list of books is by Sparrow from only: The Happy Ladybug, A Very Berry Fairy Adventure, The Enchanted Forest, 5 Steps to Happiness, Pebbles' Wisdom, Creativity Delivered, Hopes, Mistakes and Resolution, Solitude, Refute Negativity. There is an upcoming book Rift Valley and Sandy's Mondays will be posted on blogger.