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Steve M Nash

Steve M Nash loves to help people help themselves. Which is why he created his free guide to the Inside-Out Understanding,, in 2013, and guru-free self-help site,, in 2008, and problem-solving site,, in 2006. All these sites share carefully curated inspirational quotes for women, men, and everyone. Steve's been sharing positive quotations in the form of videos, blog posts, tips, articles and e-books for over 15 years - all aimed at pointing people back to the "wisdom within". His latest "BEING The Change" site,, is no different. Home of the Daily Delight inspirational quotes e-zine. Home, too, of the Sonder Lust with Steve M Nash podcast - an invitation for you and I to blame and shame less and to listen more. As for his home, well that would be the picturesque place that is Holmfirth, in West Yorkshire, England. Aye, he's a man with a Yorkshire accent he is.