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Steven Johnson

About a year ago I let someone read one of my poems for the first time. For years I had been using poetry as a way of dealing with some powerful feelings brought on by bipolar disorder. I had always written the poem to deal with the feeling and then thrown it away. It was my doctor who read my poem and encouraged saving the poems and to consider putting them in a book. And while bipolar influences all of my work it's a part of me how could it not? Most of my work is not about bipolar it's self or the painful feelings it may cause. I get my inspiration from many places in parks by rivers and by watching people. If you do not know me it may give you insight into bipolar as well as entertain with it's unique style and sometimes humorous observations of life and encouraging affirmations. If you do know me my work may also shock you but it will tell you more about me. A side of me you never knew. In either case I hope you enjoy my work and are able to take something from it.