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Julie Hodgson

Since the vibrant era of the 1980s, I've journeyed across continents, most often accompanied by my dear husband. My affinity for words began at the tender age of 9, with poetry and short stories offering an enchanting escape. Little did I know, this hobby would soon blossom into a lifelong passion. Much of my inspiration can be traced back to Mrs. Love, my English teacher in secondary school, who ignited my love for the written word. A memorable chapter of my life began in 1985 when I relocated to Tripoli, Libya. With a scarcity of books in schools, I took it upon myself to craft stories for the children at the local British institutions. This period of scarcity emphasized the incredible power of books; in their absence, we yearn for the solace they provide. So, as a community, we came together, turning voids into vibrant tales. My writing journey didn't stop there. I contributed to various newspapers worldwide, including 'The Times in Kuwait in '89, right on the cusp of the first Gulf conflict, and penned articles in Libya, Sweden, the UK, and numerous other countries. The tales of my adventures are both vast and varied. Today, I call Portugal home. Over the years, I've celebrated numerous book releases, and in collaboration with Opera Omnia publishers, we released a pioneering bilingual book. It brings me immense pride to see many of my works translated into multiple languages. I ardently believe in the power and significance of books.