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Kathleen Donnelly

Welcome to my 'Such Friends' store! W B Yeats wrote, 'say my glory was I had such friends.' And Scribner's editor Max Perkins had 'such friends' in Fitzgerald, Hemingway and Wolfe. My MBA thesis on their relationships, Manager as Muse, led me to research other early 20th century writers' salons for my Ph.D. from Dublin City University. I have given presentations on these creatve people and their times, and walks [the Left Bank of Paris] and tours [Ireland for the 100th anniversary of Bloomsday and the Abbey Theatre] of the places they lived and 'hung out.' In addition, has my Gypsy Teacher 'blooks' about traveling and teaching, and my Hands On Public Relations Workbook. My blogs and essays about the writers are posted at and updated @SuchFriends. I am planning more items for this website and would love to know what you think: [email protected].