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Sushila Burgess

To earn a living I work as a web developer for the University of Oxford, but at heart I'm a painter and writer. It was in 2008 that I rediscovered my creativity after many years in the wasteland. I wrote a humorous and magical children's book, "Jasmine's Unicorn", originally to read to my daughter. That book is now on sale here on Lulu. Then a series of pictures called "Bird People", weird birds with human heads, led to an appearance on BBC TV in "Show me the Monet" in May 2011. From September 2013 to May 2017, I explored the mysterious and haunting images of the Tarot, and my Four Elements Tarot deck, with its Fiery Wands and Airy Wands variations is now on sale on and, while the story of its creation and a key to the meanings of the cards can be found here on Lulu. I also amused myself by translating "Jasmine's Unicorn" into French - the translation can be downloaded for free on my own website, and a paperback version is available here.