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Eichel Davis

Hello Creators! My Name is Eichel Davis, and I am the founder, CEO, and sole writer for CWPublications. I am working my hardest to bring my best and brightest ideas to life for you all to read, and enjoy. Over the course of our four years, I have challenged myself to make sure that every story that comes off of our presses is not only neat, but catching to the eye. We have come a long way. Coming from the great and diverse city of St. Louis, I strive to keep all of my stories culturally aware, and diverse in all ways. Because we live in world where diversity creates and writes our history. Where it gives us the best stories, and where we have the greatest of stories. So I present to you Created and Written Publications, founded on one principal. Always imagine the playing field with no boundaries. Always create in the world with no limits. And Always Think As If There Is No Box