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Image of Author Terry McConnell, storyteller

Terry McConnell, storyteller

Terry is an author, consultant, and former journalist. His first book was I’d Trade Him Again, a biography of former Edmonton Oilers’ owner Peter Pocklington, first published in 2009. It has since been retitled The Puck Talks Here: The amazing life & turbulent times of Peter Pocklington and a second book called I'd Trade Him Again: Wayne Gretsky & Peter Pocklington consists of only those chapters relating the relationship between the two men and the rise of the stellar Edmonton Oilers. As a memoirist, McConnell co-wrote two books. Cabbage Brain is the autobiography of a U.K. immigrant who found success and fortune as a builder and then developer in Marin County, California. The other is Law & Disorder, co-authored with the retired District Attorney for Ventura County, California. It’s an account of the DA’s 30-year crime-fighting career. Lethbridge: A tale of love in a time of war is McConnell's fifth book, inspired by the true story of his grandparents in WWI.