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John Holland-Laurentius

Mr Holland-Laurentius’s work is more than 35 years of research into the field of Noetics, Consciousness also found in Social Science and Philosophy... He has used Poetry, Music and Graphic Art to reveal this inner world starting with various studies in Social Science in the mid 1970’s. We live in “our spaces” which we enjoy and defend. These are physical and mental, public, social and private. Do we realise how we are making them “intelligent” for our creativity, our valuing and sharing, both giving + taking as well as having + being mostly formally that we do not realise that the roots are there in nature + cosmos as roots. As well is the realisation just how deep this all is and the language, roles and symbolic models we are using and how we can deepen and widen the whole to what can be described a “Universal modelling”, and how this is formed, shall we call it “cosmical dust”, radiation and vibration leading to what we use in our and institutional beliefs, rules so we do not overstep a mark back into the “mists of time”... We should realise how our religious beliefs and even our institutional organisations including our own senses including our bodies and brains as “Intelligent Form Books in German are: 1. Die Sakrale Symbolen.... 2. Kreative Management und Zeit Verteilung 3. Die Goldener Draht Some 25 Music Albums are found in : Further material + services are found in :