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Peter Bellamy

I first became actively interested in the death penalty situation in the US in 2005, when I began writing to Greg Wright. We exchanged letters for three and a half years until his wrongful execution on October 30th, 2008. An intense international fight was made to aid his attorneys prove his innocence. During that time, Greg was able to take a polygraph test; we were able to obtain DNA testing which proved that the co-accused was more likely the person responsible for the crime; we were able to prove that a vital fingerprint identification was based on "junk science"; we were able to show that the scene of crime officer had been employed as a result of a fraud; and there was much legal evidence of prosecutorial misconduct. More details at My association with Tony Medina followed a few months after Greg's execution. Here too was a clear case of wrongful conviction ... based on inexplicable police/prosecutor accusation. See