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Bill Perry

Bill Perry is the husband of Jenni and father of 7 kids and and 20+ grandkids. He served as a pastor Lauderdale Community Church for 35 years. As an educator he has taught elementary, junior high and high school levels, and served as interim principal. He co-founded Hope Women's Centers in Broward County, one the top crisis pregnancy centers nationwide. In 1986 he and Jenni began their ministry to international students and scholars in the US. In 1992 he joined InterFACE Ministries and had his first book published, Storyteller's Bible Study. Other books followed: Add to Your Faith, American Holidays, Crossing Over with Parables, They're Not Christian?? and A Look Inside America. In 2006 he became Chief of Staff and Director of Training Materials for InterFACE. He pioneered the Generational Model for international student ministry. He and Jenni happily live in and love South Florida.