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John Valley

Since I was young enough to hold a pencil I've been drawing. I honed in on my drawing skills through observation and patience. I decided to go to art college after high school. So I pursued a career in painting. I spent two years at Capilano College's art program and three years at Emily Carr College of Art and Design, graduating with a Major in Painting. Over the years I've had success with my personal growth in painting and enjoyed the process of applying color on to canvas. My first books "self titled" features my portfolio of paintings and drawings done over decades. My second book "Sketchbook" is a printing of my drawings from my sketchbook during my time living in China. "The Rolling Stones Tour Posters" books are a collection of tour posters from my collection and images I have acquired over the years. I have put together a comprehensive books of concert poster and lithographs from 1962 to The Stones 2018 "No Filter" European tour.