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Knowledge of Silicone Vacuum Bag for EVA Glass Laminating Machine/Silicone Rubber Sheet for Solar Photovoltaic Encapsulation Producing We are high experienced in silicone vacuum bag for EVA glass lamination machine, and silicone rubber sheet for solar encapsulations. We would like to share our experiences. If you have any questions on this, please feel free to contact us. We are: China Ucolin Glass Lamination Solution Experts: -Silicone Vacuuming Bag for EVA Glass Laminating Machine/Privacy Glass Laminating -Silicone Rubber Sheet Manufacturer for Solar EVA Photovoltaic Panel Encapsulation ([email protected] / /[email protected]/[email protected]) And our partner Peter in CNCNEXT has been in EVA FILM industry for many years. If you have questions of EVA FILM for laminated glass, go to our EVA FILMS' INFO blog: . And contact us anytime you want: [email protected]/[email protected]