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Image of Author Laura T. Wilson, Artist

Laura T. Wilson, Artist

Laura T. Wilson has been a creative all her life. Born and raised in Far Rockaway, NY, she got her love of art from her mother, Veronica. In addition to painting, Laura draws, writes poetry, and has expertise in various crafts such as crochet and Pysanky (Ukrainian style dyed eggs). She has been a digital artist for well over 20 years and holds a degree in Digital Media Communications. In 2020, Laura began painting regularly after a long hiatus. Painting helped keep up her morale through the pandemic and even more so after losing her beloved mother to cancer. Laura’s goal is to create beautiful, meaningful, and inclusive artwork that depicts people of color in a positive and powerful light. She attributes her strength and determination to succeed to her four younger siblings and three beautiful children. She currently lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.