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Image of Author Michelle and Edward Beale

Michelle and Edward Beale

Michelle M. B. Beale is a native of Bethpage, New York, USA. A life-long aviation enthusiast, she completed a dual bachelors degree in Aeronautics and Management. She worked as Operations Supervisor and Noise Abatement Officer for KFRG Republic Airport; and Program Manager for the U. S. Coast Guard Academy’s Institute for Leadership. Michelle was diagnosed with brain cancer in early 2006 and has battled through three craniotomies, experimental proton radiation, and chemotherapy to bring this tale to you. Edward K. Beale is a native of Tolland, Connecticut, USA. At an early age Ed fell in love with puzzles, codes, ciphers and travel, and set out to unlock the world. He has since visited 50 states, 49 countries, and all seven continents. He retired from the United States Coast Guard after two decades of service as a shipboard deck watch officer, rescue helicopter pilot, polar science operations senior aviator, and academic dean at the USCG Leadership Development Center.