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Katelyn Davida Mariah

Katelyn Davida Mariah is a visionary artist, traditional herbalist, author and storyteller. She combines her two passions visionary art and herbalism in her latest book, Magic of Alchemy, personal journal for herbal studies. Magic of Alchemy: personal journal for herbal studies." goes beyond the ordinary - it's your passport to a transformative educational journey. This unique journal seamlessly blends the mystical allure of herbs with a structured self-study approach. Dive into the pages, where each entry unfolds a new layer of herbal wisdom, empowering you to document your learning, experiences, and personal alchemical discoveries. Elevate your herbal knowledge as you turn each page, making "Magic of Alchemy" not just a book, but a cherished educational companion on your path to herbal enlightenment. This is the first of its kind of study guide combined in a journal format!