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Cyndarion Ainiu as known by his students around the world has been teaching and giving lectures for over 35 years about Self Realization, Enlightenment, and God-Realization. Cyndarion has written over 13 books in Spanish and English about many important topics such as Psychic Protection, Meditation, Self-Realization, Stalking and Transcendence, Prayer, Spiritual Novels, and more. Cyndarion published in December 2010 “The Ainiu” finalist winner of the National Indie Excellence Book Awards 2011. He has a B.A. in Social Sciences, Herbology, and Doctorate in Metaphysics and worked for over thirteen years in the area of Family Counseling, Social Service, and Community Referrals. He currently works with his sister Galitica Maitreya at the Temple of God. The Ainiu is a magical compilation of all his teaching becoming an amazing tool of spiritual self-discovery for anyone in all walks of life. For more information about his teachings go to