White Label Printing

Your company branding, right down to the packing slips

API Dashboard

Order management and tracking at your fingertips

No Upfront Cost

Add the Lulu Print API to your website for free and never pay a service fee

Why the Lulu Print API?

Developer Documentation

Easily implement our API with extensive documentation.

Low Wholesale Pricing

No minimum orders. Printing and shipping prices that make it easy for you to earn a profit from every book sale.

Earth Friendly

As a B Corp, Lulu is part of a global business community that meets high social and environmental impact standards.

Interested in Learning More?

For businesses and publishers looking to print at scale, Lulu's Print API offers a global network, no upfront costs, and complete control over the print-on-demand service.

Learn How To Get Started With the Book Printing API

Book Creation Guide

Includes PDF specifications, spine guides, and formatting terms to help you print your book.

Lulu API Guide to Getting Started

A complete guide to integrating Lulu’s Print API.