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Facing up to Reality By David Goyder
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An excellent contribution to the science vs religion debate, although written before the current polemic espoused by Dawkins et al. A must-read if you want to get a balanced viewpoint.The author,... More > David Goyder, explores the nature of reality and what is truth, and finds that it takes him into the heart of the Christian faith. It is a very clear, concise and stimulating read, even if you are non-religious. David Goyder entered the Civil Service immediately before the war, in which he served with the R.A.F. mainly in the Western Desert and in Greece. In later years he resigned from the Civil Service in order to do something practical. Buying a piece of land in a remote corner of Suffolk, he set to work to build, on his own, a rather large house, learning each trade as he went along — often with the help of library books. A life-long Anglican with a lively interest in theology, he planned this book during the solitary months spent in brick-laying.< Less
Reality - a real tweet By Marcus Robbins
Paperback: $6.13
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One day, I can’t remember when or why, something made me realise that reality lies in relationships. So I wrote a short piece explaining that idea, followed by a longer series of tweets. This... More > book reproduces them both. I had fun doing this. The idea was appealing, and I decided to challenge myself by developing it over a series of 140 tweets, each one of exactly the maximum of 140 characters allowed. I have also included some 70 or more tweets, also 140 characters long, on the subject of the things that we need as result our relationships.< Less
Reality By Alan Marcus James Robbins
Paperback: $4.50
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This short book offers a unique and practical way of understanding life, love and reality, based on ten “fracALities” that have been derived from many ideas and theories in the arts and... More > sciences. Each fracALity is explained in a chapter relating them to my own experiences in life and how we use them to meet our own “need-loves”. The concept of “perfect love” is then discussed, suggesting how this glues together all reality. A final chapter explains how the fracALities can be presented graphically as a schema called an Octaikon, which can be used as a life-long learning tool for understanding the ideas on which the schema has been based.< Less
Lovelihoods By Marcus Robbins
Paperback: $3.46
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A unique collection of writings and graphics on the subject of love from a Christian perspective. They are taken from various pieces written over some twenty years while the author was developing his... More > ideas of what it is to be a person, using his Octaikon model of reality. Quite early on in life, the author came to the conclusion that an understanding of "love" was fundamental to knowing why we exist, hence the 18 related, bite-sized, ideas on "things of love" in the booklet, which he is continuing to explore and define. They are bound to get you thinking about the meaning of life!< Less
Seeds, Plants and Souls By Marcus Robbins
Paperback: $8.78
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This booklet looks at the way seeds and plants are used in allegories and parables of the Bible, and explores their possible wider interpretations. It is illustrated throughout with drawings that the... More > author produced during his work as a tropical forester, working in development aid.< Less
Life Clarified By Nicholas Robbins
Paperback: $7.98
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From the book: "This book is about God; if you don’t believe in God or Christianity don’t let that put you off. I know that sometimes religions on the whole can be a little bit... More > strange or cringe-worthy with all their rules, singing and hand waving. Maybe, in this book there are answers to the questions you always wonder about. If you do believe in God there could be some ideas in this book that you will not believe or agree in. One thing I ask of you, believers and non-believers alike, is to have an open mind, be ready to stretch and warm up your brain, and be willing to work it out. The brain, just like the other muscles in your body, grows and becomes stronger the more you use it. We have all heard that before, now here’s a good opportunity to sharpen your mind."< Less
EVOL By Marcus Robbins
Paperback: $2.21
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A compendium of four papers exploring aspects of the Octaikon model of a person. (1) "Faculties of the universe" is a piece I wrote trying to put my ideas in the context of the whole of... More > creation and evolution, giving them universal appeal. (2) "A curriculum of needs" develops the idea of the first paper, building on the metaphor of a cosmic university of learning. (3) "Fractal faculties - a pattern of us all?" was a progress report on the Octaikon project in which I summarised the train-of-thought that led me to develop the model. A good introduction to the idea. (4) "The Octaikon model of AEIO you!" explains the model for the benefit of an educator, putting in a nutshell the resources available for life-long learning.< Less
Octaikon By Marcus Robbins
Paperback: $9.48
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Discover who you are and how other people see you. Using a graphic model of ten faculties, the author explores and develops ideas about our being, behaving and believing. He draws upon his... More > experiences of life around the world, urging us to improve our relationships by appreciating differences and finding balance. This life-long learning tool is written from a Christian viewpoint but is open to those of all religions or none. Backed up with a website and online resources, it’s a surprising book to prize all your life.< Less
Life! is a four letter word By Marcus Robbins
Paperback: $6.39
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This booklet aims to start a practical process of understanding ourselves, so that we become better, happier people, well connected to real life. Based on many existing ideas, it proposes that we... More > each have ten powers (faculties, abilities, or forces) which we must use properly, balanced as five pairs. Each power is identified by a four letter word, playing on the idea that "life" itself is a four letter word which we are always "wearing". Finding our place in the rich tapestry of life is like wearing "power" clothes that bring us to life. Sometimes they fit well, but at other they don't and we feel like swearing. Life wears US out. The key lies in the eleventh power, which must be worn like a cloak over the other ten. A study concludes the booklet, and references are given to a wide range of resources on the the Octaikon model website. The book is short - each of the twelve sections can be read in 10 minutes.< Less
Ten ways you are you By Marcus Robbins
Paperback: $3.14
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Draft book explaining to children of 9+ yrs ten ways in which they can understand themselves and learn about the basics of Christianity. Next editions will be revised in light of comments from first... More > readers.< Less