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Handbook For Believers By Jason Barlow
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The Bible is packed with direction and promises on life's meaningful issues. Whatever our needs, we can find in scripture the principles we need to address the issues we face.This book is not... More > intended to replace regular, personal Bible study. Nor is it a replacement for a good concordance for in-depth study of a particular subject. It is however, for the believer to use as the need arises for Christian counselling and personal evangelism. It is a practical, easy-to-use tool for this work. These carefully chosen verses, each with a descriptive caption, are arranged under comprehensive topics, alphabetically indexed, making them instantly accessible both to the experienced and inexperienced worker. We trust it will be an encouragement to you as you read. NOTE: Also available as a FREE APP for your smartphone or tablet:< Less
GO - Contend For The Faith Radio Program Messages By Jason Barlow
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The messages in this publication were originally presented as sermons and most recently in the international broadcasts of the Contend For The Faith radio program. The messages answered frequently... More > asked questions and thought-provoking Bible subjects.< Less
The Book Of Revelation By Jason Barlow
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The books of Bible prophecy have long been shrouded in mystery. Ancient texts, cryptic numbers, symbolic imagery, all depicting awesome apocalyptic events soon to come. Is it really possible to... More > understand what they mean? What is the mark of the Beast? Who is the Antichrist? Will some terrorist event trigger Earth's final tribulation? Will we witness the horrors of Armageddon and the seven last plagues? What do we need to know to avoid being left behind when the Lord returns? Will we recognize the last days and know what to expect? Pull aside the veil of mystery and delve into the fascinating truth God has revealed for us today. This study will show you what the Bible really says about Earth's end time events and how it affects everyone.< Less
King James Version Bible - 1769 Pure Cambridge Edition By Jason Barlow, God
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The Holy Bible - Containing The Old and New Testaments Translated Out Of The Original Tongues: And With The Former Translations Diligently Compared And Revised, By His Majesty's Special Command... More > Appointed To Be Read In Churches AUTHORIZED KING JAMES VERSION - PURE CAMBRIDGE EDITION 1769< Less
Fundamental Baptist Newsletter - Volume TWO By Jason Barlow
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The Fundamental Baptist Newsletter is a monthly publication of Contend For The Faith Ministries. It is devoted to the defence of Biblical Fundamentalism and the advancement of the local New Testament... More > churches. This is a fundamental baptist magazine that you can confidently trust with content that is instructional, informational, and inspirational.< Less
In The Beginning By Jason Barlow
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How did everything come to be? What are the origins of life? In this volume, we will explore the many world views on origins. For a Christian, the foundation of our belief system is found in the... More > Bible. More specifically, it begins with the book of Genesis. For it is with Genesis that one is shown the foundational doctrine of creation - which is the beginning of Christianity for all extents and purposes. In today’s society, the world has accepted a different foundation - evolution. Belief in evolution can lead to different rules. There is no creator, no absolute authority, and man can make his own rules. Evolution has beenused as a scientific justification and/or excuse for non-Christian activities, but does science support evolution and other world views? The facts may surprise you as we explore ~ In The Beginning< Less