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Beautiful Zimbabwe Calendar 2020 By Cathy Buckle
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Beautiful Zimbabwe is a 13 by 19 inch calendar for 2020 illustrated with full size colour photographs taken by Cathy Buckle. Printed on heavy card, the calendar features photographs of the beautiful... More > Zimbabwean landscape, birds and wildlife. The calendar makes a perfect gift for people who love Zimbabwe. Just thread a loop of ribbon through the top of the binding to hang your Beautiful Zimbabwe calendar. Click "more detail" and then "preview" to see the calendar in full. Preview requires Adobe Flash Player.< Less
AFRICAN TEARS By Catherine Buckle
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The next five minutes were an eternity. It was quiet, so quiet; I couldn't even hear the birds outside; all I could hear, was my heart pounding. And then it started, whistling, loud whistling and... More > one voice shouting: HONDO, HONDO, HONDO! (War) Cathy Buckle, home alone at the time, locked herself in her study, sat on the floor and put her hands over her head. This was the beginning of seven months of anguish for a Zimbabwean family at the start of the new millennium. African Tears is the story of the invasion of Stow Farm in Marondera by war veterans and supporters of Robert Mugabe. A farm bought ten years after independence with the Government of Zimbabwe's approval and a Certificate of No Interest. African Tears describes Zimbabwe's descent into chaos and anarchy during the year 2000. Hundreds of farm invasions, horrific political violence against opposition supporters and government critics and the collapse of agriculture and food security.< Less
Finding Our Voices By Catherine Buckle
Paperback: $12.79
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The last five years of Robert Mugabe’s grip on power were characterized by protests, demonstrations and defiance, met by tear gas, baton sticks and brutality which shocked the world. ... More > ‘Finding Our Voices’ tells the stories of those years which ended in a military takeover and the resignation of Robert Mugabe. The period between 2013 and 2017 will forever be remembered as the years in which Zimbabweans found their voices, learnt the power of persistence and finally came together in huge numbers in November 2017 to say Enough is Enough. 'Finding Our Voices' is the fourth book in a series describing the imapct of Zimbabwean politics on real people's lives. 'Can you Hear the Drums' covers 2000 to 2004. 'Millions, Billions, Trillions' covers 2005 to 2009. 'When Winners are Losers' covers 2009 to 2013 and 'Finding Our Voices' concludes as Robert Mugabe steps down after 37 years in power. These books are essential reading for students, historians and those who care about democracy.< Less
When Winners are Losers By Catherine Buckle
Paperback: $12.30
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In 2008/9 Zimbabwe was on the verge of complete collapse: no food to buy in the shops, no money in the banks and a currency denominated in trillions, quadrillions and septillions. Hunger was... More > widespread and cholera rampant. The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission took five weeks to announce that the 2008 elections were too close to call and ordered a second ballot. An orgy of violence against opposition supporters left hundreds killed, thousands fleeing the country and a quarter of a million people displaced from their homes. When winners are losers recounts the events of the five years that followed when the opposition formed a government of national unity with Zanu PF in order to stop the violence and suffering. A currency of worthless Zimbabwe dollars was replaced by US dollars and SA Rand and an economy on the brink began to recover. A brief window of hope had opened, but only until the next election.< Less
Millions, billions, trillions By Catherine Buckle
Paperback: $12.46
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Millions, billions, trillions is the second of two books documenting Zimbabwe's descent into darkness. Told in a collection of letters through the eyes of a mum living in small town Zimbabwe, this... More > book covers the years from 2005 to the Unity Government in February 2009.< Less
Can you hear the drums? By Catherine Buckle
Paperback: $13.80
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Can You Hear the Drums is a unique collection of eye witness letters from Zimbabwe documenting the country's journey into lawlessness, turmoil and economic mayhem. Told through the eyes of an... More > ordinary Mum living in a country town, this book is about what really happened in Zimbabwe at the start of the 21st Century. It's not about propaganda, rhetoric or revolutions but about real people: how they survived, endured, adapted and never gave up hope. Sometimes sad or frightening, often absurd and touching, the letters are interspersed with news clips, humour and absurdities that all became coping mechanisms for everyday survival in a country in meltdown. Can you Hear the Drums covers a five year period from 2000 to 2004.< Less
BEYOND TEARS By Catherine Buckle
Paperback: $13.41
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"The whole town not only knew what happened here, but had probably seen and heard parts of that day of hell. Some must have been witnesses and others accomplices to murder, torture and... More > brutality. The wind, once my friend and comforter, had become my tormenter and persecutor. Coursing over the granite kopjes, the wind was filled with voices and secrets. The whole town was hiding a secret." 'Beyond Tears' is the story of events that ripped Zimbabwe apart between 2000 and 2002. Eye-witness accounts of anarchy, harassment, intimidation and the foulest abuses of citizens by their own government. "Catherine Buckle provides vivid testimony of the power and destruction inflicted on the country and its people." Martin Meredith author of 'Robert Mugabe: Power Plunder and Tyranny in Zimbabwe.'< Less
Imire By Catherine Buckle
Paperback: $14.10
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A lion in the garden and a crocodile in the swimming pool; an otter called Potter and a hippo called Maggie that lived in the dam and snacked on half a loaf of bread and a bottle of beer. Hand... More > rearing elephants and leopards Norman Travers was a decorated war hero and visionary conservationist. Norman and Gill Travers built up Imire Game Park in Zimbabwe at a time when the country was ravaged by war. When black rhinos were being decimated by poaching, Norman introduced them to Imire, reared the calves and released them back to the wild, winning a Wildlife Oscar for his efforts. A humorous account of a remarkable man who loved life and his family, loved animals and above all loved his country.< Less
Sleeping Like a Hare By Catherine Buckle
Paperback: $11.44
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This is the story of one man's encounters in the Diaspora. A journey to the unknown made from necessity, not choice, to save his family from the collapse of Zimbabwe.
Rundi By Catherine Buckle
Paperback: $14.13
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This is the story of hand rearing two baby elephants in 1986; a time before internet, email or cell phones. A touch of the wild in the heart of the city is how we described the place where elephant... More > escapades filled the days and nights; an oasis five kilometres from the centre of Harare. Milk and prridge in buckets; handfulls of horse cubes at the ready and elephant trunks always investigating. Nothing escaped the attention of the elephants from bad tempered bushpigs and head butting eland to watering cans, wheelbarrows and feathers. Rundi and Muku, two elephants that changed the lives of everyone involved with them: gentle giants in the heart of the city.< Less