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Dumok's Adult Comics
Akumahime: Princess of the West By Eric Flores
eBook (PDF): $3.95
Type: Supernatural-Action-Erotica In the American West, Jaime Corazon arrives to attend an academy to learn how to handle her special abilites. Not only is she a Magical girl, She is also half demon,... More > and her heritage is starting to show just as a mysterious force arrives to begin a new war with Humanity. Will Jaime learn how to use her abilities while dodging lecherous classmates AND keeping her grades up?< Less
A Call to Destiny Reloaded: the first ten By Eric Flores
eBook (PDF): $3.95
Jaren Gaal is a mercenary, travelling with his all female crew, and winds up getting involved with plot of the Gods. Can he stop Ragnarok In time?
Silhouette By Eric Flores
eBook (PDF): $2.95
Author's note: Silhouette is basically an "Elseworlds*" type variation of the Monster Lover story, where Adam and Taura meet for the first time and the hilarity that ensues, I plan on... More > continuing this project for as long as I am sure you (the fans) will like it. In later Issues I will be posting some material on the world of Silhouette. I will also be including a few pin-ups in this issue as well as some links at the end of the comic.I hope this new format will be easier for you guys to read on your computers as well as your tablets and other devices. if you have any comments feel free to contact me.< Less
WarMage Rebirth: Awakenings By Eric Flores
eBook (PDF): $2.95
Author’s note: I had originally created the Character Warmage some time around 2007 as an experiment as to see if I could create a halfway decent superhero “Adult” comic. And I got... More > quite a bit of fans from this webcomic and a whole lot of hate. Of course my artwork was A LOT worse then than I think it is now. But I had stopped the original story in 2009 and later created a new story line for Warmage which would fit better with a lot of the webcomics on so that I could do cross-overs more effectively. Recently, I had joined a comic creating group called Pronto comics and finished a few pages for the anthology “For a Price” and I was hooked on working with these guys. So My flagship comic WarMage is now being released under the Pronto Comics label, but will still keep it’s connection to the Drunkduck Multi-verse. In this case, I am simply widening the net for more readers to get hooked on the “worst superhero webcomic ever” on many Forums. Enjoy!< Less
Haven and Adler: Detectives for Hire 01 By Eric Flores
eBook (ePub): $2.95
In the none too distant future, A washed up child prodigy, Eugene Haven takes up the role of detective to help alleviate his gnawing boredom. To help keep his hide intact, he hires Kenisha Adler, a... More > Cyborg mercenary, to form the oddest, but effective detective agency in the Cyber-punk era.< Less
Ivar and the Imp By Eric Flores & Audra Forbes
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Ivar and the IMP is a story about a courageous young troll, who challenges a cunning trickster and mean bully in order to save his friends
Paganism 101: the Basics of Pagan Spirituality By Eric Flores
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Paganism 101 is the basic course I created when I wanted to learn more about the neo-pagan spiritual path. It's a short read but I hope I give alot of information for those who are curious Or want to... More > study about another religion outside your own. This book is for all ages.< Less
For a Price Anthology By Pronto Comics
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Welcome to the Pronto Comics anthology titled "For A Price", this project was put together by Students of Andrew Schmidt's "Comic Writer's Work shops and other life-long fans of comic... More > books. Pick up the anthology here and at and show some love for the work. My own Pages are titled "Leasher" written by Patrick McEvoy, an AWESOME writer! If you like the anthology then check us out on for more of our projects!< Less
Alter-Verse: Life's a Jabberwock in the Park By Eric Flores
eBook (PDF): $2.95
Dumok’s comics proudly presents: Alter-Verse Chapter 2: Life’s a Jabberwock in the park! Story and Art: Eric J. Flores Previously on Alter-Verse: We are introduced to our hero, Claude,... More > an orc who has dreams of becoming a rock musician but works as a mercenary to make ends meet. His first mission was to take a powerful item to the Armory of Apochalyptic objects. It was there that he encounters one of the Keepers’ servants (named L4v3ndr) and fought with it. The battle ends in a draw and the creature was then recruited into the Alter-Verse Brigade.< Less
Shadow-Root Academy "Fighting In School" pt.2 By Eric Flores
eBook (PDF): $1.95
Previously: After getting put into detention Branwen and Cethlionna are met by her ex-boyfriend, Roy. His mind addled after being raped by a tentacle monster, He shocks his fellow students by... More > transforming into the type of creature he was raped by. After sending cethlionna to seek safety, Branwen attacks Roy and has considerable difficulty in fighting him. Finally, Branwen seems to get his second wind; When...< Less