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Nature's Single Dads: The Leafy Sea Dancer By June James
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The Leafy Sea Dragon is a most dedicated Dad in the natural world of the Great Southern Ocean. He carries over two hundred eggs on a soft pad under his tail until they hatch. 200+ Leafy Sea... More > Dragons, one centimeter in length; each a replica of its parents swim away. Like the Country Dancer, the first story of Emund the Emu, the dancing and protective nature of this leafy single Dad inspired the author to add him to the bookshelves. Further information of this amazingly delicate creature is available through: The Council Offices Yankalilla , South Australia The Leafy Sea Dragon Festival committee in Normanville, South Australia. The Cape Jervis, Marine and research Park, South Australia All sales of this and other books this series assist in fundraising towards the preservation of these beautiful members of our world.< Less
NSD The Leafy Sea Dancer By June E James
Paperback: $7.99
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This is a black and white edition of the 2nd book in the series, Nature's Single Dads, The Leafy Sea Dragon. Like the full colour 1st Edition, it tells in verse and shows in pictures what these... More > small animal look like. The male of the species carries up to 200 eggs until they hatch; something quite alien to us two legged humans and most other creatures. This Book has black and white pictures because it is created to raise funds. It is less expensive and more in keeping with quick sales to all ages who wish to assist in the care and continued study of marine life. The stars of this work live in the coastal waters of Australia and in particular at Cape Jervis in South Australia. They play a big role in the bi-annual Festival of The Leafy Sea Dragon, held in Normanville and Yankalilla, also in South Australia. This too can join the Country Dancer on your bookshelf.< Less
Nature's Single Dad The Leafy Sea Dancer By June E James
Paperback: $19.99
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This is the Second book in an the series Nature's Single Dads; the single fathers in the animal kingdom. The male Leafy Sea Dragon takes full responsibility, from the laying of hundreds of eggs by... More > the female onto his body, until the next generation hatch. The is the full colour edition with pictures and story in verse describing the the Leafy Sea Dancers and their habitat. This small book will join the story in verse about the Emu, The Country Dancer on your bookshelf. Now both books are published on and available to you. Like that first book in the series, The Leafy Sea Dancer demonstrates the tenacity in the natural world in survival and preserving the species.< Less
The Big Book of Sooty's Adventures By JeJames,Illustrator, Thelma Driver
Paperback: $24.99
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Short stories for children in a big red book. Sooty, finds the front gate open. He ventures out alone on his first adventure. He finds the world, hitches a ride and finds a friend.A book full of... More > pictures and stories for bedtime or anytime with children and family.< Less
From The Humpy By JE James, William Williams
Paperback: $14.95
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Life in an outback station of the drovers, Buffalo hunters and Station managers. Life needs to be funny if you put up with the rough side of nature camping for weeks in the Australian outback with... More > wild animals and brilliant horses and men. The yarns and tales written in this book are voiced by Bill the Buffalo Hunter. He appears at the Poetry Breakfasts around Australia.< Less
All For The Family By June James, B.V. Kent
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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The funny side of the downs of family life is revealed in these verses by Babs the mother, and wife. From the smallest room in the house to the supermarket daily living is fraught with dangers.... More > Written and published All for the Family.< Less
All For The Family By JE James, B.V. Kent
Paperback: $12.16
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Living life with the ups and downs of family doings, caused the poet in Babs, the mother and author of these verses, to find the good or funny side of family life. From the smallest room in the house... More > to the supermarket, Babs show life can be All For The Family.< Less
Nature's Single Dads: The Country Dancer By JE James
Paperback: $10.99
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This male emu puts his life on the line in the middle of the outback for eighteen months to ensure the survival of the species. The big bird and his eggs are threatened by eagles, dingos and the... More > harsh dry climate. Black and white pen and ink drawings and a rhyming bush poem to get his story to the world.< Less
Nature's Single Dads THE COUNTRY DANCER By June E James
Paperback: $15.99
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When camping in the Australian outback or traveling the roads,you may see Emus that mingle, some that look single But are Dads with their chicks, running free! A story in verse for the Country... More > Dancers of creation. This dancer is use to running, but his best feature is his natural ability to put his life on the line for his offspring. Natural history of the Male Australian Emu.< Less
The Lord's Songs By Thelma Driver
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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Thelma Driver's Praises, Prayers and Poems express her faith, joy and trust in God through Jesus Christ. The love,power and acceptance of both strengthens and sustains her life filled with enough... More > love to share with the world. This book she shares with every one who looks for inspiration and comfort.< Less