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Make Money Marketing & Producing Photo Montages: The Complete Guide By Earl Chessher
Paperback: $79.95
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The COMPLETE guide to starting a photo-video montage production business, from what you need, to how to market, produce and deliver photo montage videos. More than 300 pages crammed with all the... More > information a new videographer, established professional or hobbyist or enthusiast needs to know to make money in photo montage video production!< Less
Leaving Reality By Earl Chessher
Paperback: $14.95
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This print edition is also available in downloadable eBook and PDF formats. This is a novel of 95,000 words. Clayton has a story to tell. It's so good he loses track of what's real and what he is... More > creating. As the author gets deeper into his novel, dealing with a deadly woman in a small town that's crazy for good murder gossip, somewhere along the way he crosses over. It's too late when Clayton finally realizes he's Leaving Reality. The good folks he meets along the way may not be enough to keep either of them, the author or his protagonist, alive. Some content is intended for mature adults.< Less
Writers’ Anarchy By Multiple Authors
Paperback: $17.50
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“Writers’ Anarchy” is a fusion of wildly eclectic, amazing short stories by an international group of creative new talent. Rather than theme-based, these stories are a multi-genre... More > representation of some of today’s hottest writers. “Writers’ Anarchy” gives you stimulating, thought-provoking worlds to explore. Let your imagination take flight along with the unique characters, strange events and shocking endings shared inside these covers! From the riveting opening lines of “The Race of the Birdmen” and darker insights of “The Bell Tower”, to the tingling conclusion of “Here He Comes Again”, “Writers’ Anarchy” is a revolt against the usual boundaries of literary predictability. Read it! You know you want to!< Less
Cutting It Short By Earl Chessher
Paperback: $12.00
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(1 Ratings)
This is the 2nd Edition print, pocketbook sized, version of a collection of short, not-so-short and short-short stories, thirteen of them, presenting a range of reading entertainment from spooky, to... More > funny, to goofy. Ten short-short stories are also available for fee or free download as eBooks from the author’s Lulu Spotlight, but Busted, Eye on the Door and Innocence Lost are fresh from the author’s mind. None of these are available, singularly or in any other anthology, in PRINT form with the exception of the print versions (soon available in a less expensive 6x9 Trade Book size) of this eBook, and downloadable PDF, also available on Lulu and other online bookstores.< Less
Butterflies and Dragons By Earl Chessher
Paperback: $9.50
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This new 2nd Edition version features a new size, cover design and additional content. Harley, The Huntress, tiny dragons, butterflies big enough for humans to ride and Great Bear guardians more than... More > 20-feet tall come together to battle the evil darkness, The Leader and his followers who plan to take over their world. Between battling sharcats that live only to kill, a new breed of flame-breathing giant dragons and The Dark Ones, the good guys will have their hands full.< Less
Seven Ways to Make Money with Video By Earl Chessher
Paperback: $12.95
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Seven Ways to Make Money with Video, Book I, is the first of three affordable business resource books available in eBook, PDF and/or print. Each volume will contain a group of proven money-making... More > ideas the hobbyist, amateur, new video business startup and established independent professional video services provider can use to earn money to support their pastime, generate supplemental income or add to their video business bottom line. Each approach offers information valuable to planning and focusing on either additional video services or establishment of a specialized video production service.< Less
Loving Women By Earl Chessher
Paperback: $13.95
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This standard edition, B&W inside pages, of "Loving Women" is a pocketbook size novel about three men and three women who are trying to find themselves as well as someone with whom to... More > share their lives. It isn't easy when their agendas are all over the board, and one of them is dead set on getting revenge against the person who caused the accident that disfigured her once-stunning and beautiful face. Everybody finds somebody, but not all of them find the answers they expected.< Less
Video StoryTellers Productions By Earl Chessher
Paperback: $599.95
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A complete and unique worldwide branding, marketing and video business program based on a HUGE range of interest by virtually EVERY person on the planet. Everybody has a story! This Video... More > StoryTellers!™ is an investment with support by a community of video professionals and enthusiasts that continues to grow as associates join up. RESTRICTIONS APPLY! STATE level associate positions are NOT currently available for the following: Michigan, Arizona, California, Wisconsin, Missouri, Mississippi, Kansas, New Jersey, Massachusetts, also Puerto Rico and Perth, Australia. ALL other state and country associate positions are available first come, first served, upon investment and purchase of the book. Regional and other marketing designations within states already represented are possible. Please inquire to Earl Chessher ... echessher at hotmail dot com.< Less
Alzheimer’s: Stories Mom Forgot By Earl Chessher
Paperback: $11.00
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(3 Ratings)
For 12 years "Margie" with the help of her family, battled the horrors of Alzheimer's disease. Though it took her mind and eventually her life, it did not destroy her wonderful stories and... More > memories. Those were preserved in a book that focuses on the love, the excitement of life, the childhood memories and stories that kept us smiling, and the disease that we all took on toe-to-toe, fists swinging.< Less
They Shoot Funerals, Don't They: Complete Guide to Funeral Video Production & Marketing By Earl Chessher
Paperback: $129.95
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(5 Ratings)
A complete guide to funeral and memorial video production and marketing, including forms and sample graphics. E-mail author upon paid order to receive bonus support CD/DVD graphics and video files.... More > Inside book design by Heidi Mueller, cover by Earl Chessher.< Less