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Essays In Philosophy of Group Cognition By Gerry Stahl
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This volume brings together papers that explore group cognition in theoretical terms. Some chapters are written for a broad audience, others are oriented more toward readers familiar with philosophic... More > discourse. The history of the concept of intersubjectivity is traced historically and the constitution of group cognition is described in some detail, with illustrations from case studies of VMT usage by student groups. In particular, the discussion of philosophy of group cognition tackles the following questions: a. What is the nature of group cognition? b. What conditions make group cognition possible? The philosophy of group cognition is presented as founding a paradigm of CSCL research, which contrasts with traditional educational psychology.< Less
Essays in Philosophy of Group Cognition By Gerry Stahl
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The volume includes essays that address the philosophical issues raised in computer support of collaborative learning and by the concept of group cognition. In particular, philosophy of group... More > cognition should tackle the following questions: * What is the nature of group cognition? * What are the conditions of possibility for the existence of group cognition? The essays explore intersubjectivity, joint attention, common ground, collaborative learning and related concepts through analysis of empirical examples and review of the most important philosophic sources.< Less
Overview and Autobiographical Essays By Gerry Stahl
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The current volume is intended to provide an overview of the eLibrary and some documentation of my life as the author of these texts.
Introductions to ijCSCL By Gerry Stahl
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As Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning from its founding in 2006 to my retirement from that position at the end of 2015, I drafted an editorial... More > introduction to each quarterly issue. This provided a venue for me to comment on the importance of each published article (from my perspective) and sometimes to offer my ideas or reflections on the field of CSCL or one of its central issues. The 39 introductions included here provide a glimpse into the evolution of the CSCL field during a key decade of its history, as it became internationally established with conferences around the world and with this journal.< Less
Tacit and Explicit Understanding By Gerry Stahl
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This was my doctoral dissertation in computer science at the University of Colorado. It was entitled: “Interpretation in Design: The Problem of Tacit and Explicit Understanding in Computer... More > Support of Cooperative Design” and was defended on August 5, 1993. The dissertation explored the implications of the theory of tacit knowledge for the problem of computer capture of design rationale. It discussed a software system for design by teams of NASA designers. The computer environment captured design ideas in a flexible system of professional perspectives. This research led to explorations after graduation in prototyping collaboration software incorporating mechanisms to support perspectives and negotiation.< Less
Essays In Group-Cognitive Science By Gerry Stahl
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These essays argue for methodological approaches based on group cognition theory as a scientifically sound basis for CSCL research. They take different approaches to describing a science and/or... More > theory of group cognition as an approach to CSCL research. The book includes detailed coding schemes, which take into account the sequentiality of group interaction as formulated in conversation analysis. They also illustrate and discuss different methodological approaches I have explored. Part A of the volume consists of two introductions to group-cognitive science as a critique of traditional cognitive science; Part B includes discussions of the theory of group cognition, from different perspectives; and Part C presents concrete case studies and documents coding schemes that were developed within the VMT Project.< Less
Essays In Social Philosophy By Gerry Stahl
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Here is a diverse collection of writings, starting with my undergraduate thesis on Nietzsche. As an undergraduate, I realized that I did not know how to write and I began by experimenting with... More > assembling quotes from the materials I was discussing. After studying German philosophy from Hegel and Marx to Heidegger and Adorno, my writing became excessively complex, trying to capture German syntax in English sentences. Then, during my community organizing days, I learned to write more clearly. This volume reflects those stylistic changes as well as playing with some ideas that are later woven into more academic presentations. This volume includes a wide-ranging diversity of writings on philosophy, aesthetics, politics, technology and history.< Less
Essays in Group-Cognitive Science By Gerry Stahl
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Essays in Group-Cognitive Science, intros to CSCL research, methodology and findings. Vol 10 of Gerry Stahl's assembled texts.
Essays In Personalizable Software By Gerry Stahl
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The idea of personalizable software is fashionable today. I explored it in a number of software prototypes a decade or two earlier. The perspectives mechanism in Hermes, my dissertation software... More > system, was an initial major initiative in this direction. WebNet was a follow-up system to integrate the perspective mechanism into discussion-forum collaboration software. Subsequent systems explored personalization mechanisms in systems for work and for learning, including TCA for teachers developing and sharing curriculum and systems for automated critics in design systems or reviewers of journal articles. In each case, the mechanisms were intended to support users to view and discuss materials from their personal perspectives and to share those views with others to encourage building group perspectives. The volume is organized in terms of essays on (a) structured hypermedia, (b) personalizable software, (c) software perspectives and (d) applications to health care, education and publishing.< Less
Essays in Collaborative Dynamic Geometry By Gerry Stahl
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This volume includes analyses of student teams using the VMT environment with multi-user GeoGebra. These studies are related to the presentations in "Translating Euclid" and... More > "Constructing Dynamic Triangles Together." These essays document the most recent stage of the Virtual Math Teams Project.< Less